The goal of this project is to explore the world of symbolism and icon design
Research and design five badges representing
landmarks of the cities
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
One of the 4 strength aspects Balinese architecture focuses on is a Guarding Wall, which acts as protection from people and evil spirits. Handara Gate is used to show the high guarding wall. There is a tail in the background because the Balinese tiger was the pride of Balinese wildlife but are now extinct and is remembered in dances and folk songs.
The Burj Al Arab, a symbolic statement, is placed in the center of the badge with the Dubai Frame right behind it to show the viewer they are looking at it from New Dubai. I used a teal colour for the Burj Al Arab to contrast the golden yellow on the Dubai frame.
Singapore’s nickname, Garden City, is represented with the Flower and Cloud Dome from Gardens by the Bay, a nature park. However, I added in the Merlion to keep the original meaning of Singapore, which was first named Singapura also known as Lion City.
I wanted the Sydney Opera House to look simplified and unique while keeping the iconic sails so I stacked the sails on top of each other so that it’s still recognizable. The yellow circle in the background represents the sun because it is mostly sunny there.
A popular tourist attraction, the Sensoji Temple, is illustrated to show how the art and architecture represents their culture. There is a fish just above the roof of the temple to make it appear like the structure is underwater since Tokyo is originally a fishing village.
Badge Mockups